DVD Photo Montage

DVD Photo Montage

DVD Slideshow Movies will recapture fading memories. Let BH Design Studio design a custom DVD Slideshow Movie for your special event or occasion.

What We Do

DVDWe specialize in transforming your photos, video, and keepsakes into a memorable DVD slideshow movie that will be cherished for a lifetime. Your photo montage is the perfect way to add a personal or emotional touch to your wedding, birthday, holiday, anniversary celebration, memorial, graduation and more.

We can even create a DVD slideshow movie that announces a birth, spotlights a relationship, proposes marriage, introduces an organization, or advertises a product.

The photo-video album we create will reflect your own personal style based on the choices you make. It can feature your color enhanced, digitally restored photos, slides, negatives, and video clips.

Get Creative!!

A few ways to take advantage of DVD slideshow movie!

  1. Applying for college? Set yourself apart from the other applicants by creating a slideshow that highlights your accomplishments and interests.
  2. Senior class fundraiser-create a "Live" yearbook to be shown at a graduation event. (Call for more details)
  3. Superstar Kid video-make your child a star. Include fun facts about your child: likes, dislikes, nicknames, hobby, sports, etc. Every kid loves to see himself on TV!
  4. Year in review family slideshow-watch at a year end holiday and celebrate the memories.
  5. Propose to your significant other and have a precious keepsake highlighting your relationship.
  6. Create a video of you and your best friend(s). Surprise them with it on a special day. Tell them the top 10 things that make them special.
  7. For a surprise birthday video, include text wishes from friends, family and/or guests.
  8. For a video slideshow to be shown at an Anniversary party, include fun facts about the couple that others may not know.
  9. Make a slideshow of each year of your child(ren)s birthdays to be presented to him/her at their “Sweet Sixteenth” or some other special time.
  10. Create a special video slideshow message for a loved one far away, especially great for troops overseas!
  11. Have a product you need to market? Let us create a slideshow highlighting your product, then send copies to potential buyers!
  12. Are you in a Greek Fraternal organization? Have a slideshow made for Rush week.
  13. Add memorabilia to make your slideshow extra personal. Include things like announcements, news articles and news video clips, letters, ticket stubs, etc..
  14. Create a video slideshow auditioning yourself to different clients and companies. Particularly useful for actors, dancers, singers, etc...