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You’ve made the investment in a professional website, but do you have a plan to maintain it?

BH Design Studio designs websites with a Content Management System to make updating the site easy, but even if you can make the changes yourself, do you have the time? With a Site Plan, you can focus your time on your business and leave the website maintenance to BH Design Studio. In addition to updating your content, a Site Plan includes:

Reviewing visitor traffic for continued usability improvements

Receive website monitoring reports about your website and have to chance to improve your customers experience

Creating site promotions for new products or services

Have a design professional review your new services and products to help them succeed.

On-going optimization for search engines

BH Design Studio will review your placement in the major search engine and develop a plan to improve them.

Software updates

Make sure your website is running the most up-to-date version of your CMS and modules.

WebMaster Services

If you’re too busy to keep up your website, we can do it for you! We can update your website at any time you choose, based on your input and expectations. It doesn’t even need to be a BH Design Studio website!

WebMaster Services:
$50 per hour

Web Hosting

BH Design Studio has its own web hosting to get your website up on the internet. Web hosting is like renting a tiny piece of the internet so that the public can access your site. Our hosting costs start from $100 per year per site.

Domains & Email

Domains are the you type in to get to a website. Email is a virtual “mailbox” that has a name and lives at that domain. Owning a domain and an email address is a little like renting a small piece of the internet that you can use. We offer domains at $25 per year, and email addresses at that domain for $100 per year, per address. 

Additional Services

Do you want a great and professional website, but have no photos or don’t know how to write? No fear! We have people that can assist you.

Additional Web Services:
$50 per hour

Choose a Site Hosting Plan that meets your needs

BONUS: Everyone who has a Site Plan locks in a lower rate for design work on their website to create new promotions or additional content updates.
  • All plans are billed monthly. Plans are for one year. Any cost for purchasing software upgrades will be billed in the month that the upgrade is preformed.


Designing for the web is a great illustration of balancing form and function. A site must have effective graphic design for people to want to use it and it must function smoothly for people to continue using it. A website is only successful if your customers can easily find your products or services while it strengthens your brand with them.


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