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Please take a few moments to fill out the following form for us, so that we can better understand your wants, needs and desires for your upcoming website.

This should only take between 5-10 minutes to complete and if you are unsure of any question please indicate so within that question and we will go over it together in our face-to-face meeting that will be scheduled with you. Please allow us up to 14 days to prepare a proper proposal for you. 

The following questions marked * are requred.

Website Questionnaire

* I want this site because: (Check all that apply)

* My site will be built to target: (Check all that apply)

* My clients come to me because: (Check all that apply)

* Our new website would need to include: (Select all that apply)

* We want the following special features to be included in our new website: (Select all that apply)

* Who will provide the following resources? (Check the box if WE are to provide and leave unchecked if YOU will provide)

* Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates?

How often do you require updates?

* Would you like to book a dedicated training session for your employees to learn to update the site?

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Designing for the web is a great illustration of balancing form and function. A site must have effective graphic design for people to want to use it and it must function smoothly for people to continue using it. A website is only successful if your customers can easily find your products or services while it strengthens your brand with them.


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